Terms of service


1.1. We accept only Trusted PTC sites & PTC site content only


1.2. Your Ad must contain a referral link


1.3. Your referral link must be safe for our visitors 


1.4. If your ad unacceptable with our terms , we refund your money back to your paypal account automaticly


1.5. Your Ad will not be published on our main page if you dont't  pay the fees 


1.6. If your Ad is expired it will be deleted automaticly and you need to advertise one more time if you want


1.7. KayKet is not responsible at all if you don't get high number of referrals to your link



1.1. Spam on comments is not allowed and if this happened our team will block your account immediatly

2.2. Any unethical comments is not allowed and our team will block any unethical comment immediatly



1.1. images must be related in your ad

2.2. Adult images is not allowed

3.3. Unethical images is not allowed



1.1. Your email must be uniqe

2.2. No need for email validation in our site 

3.3. Your phone number is required in the registration form